About Our Family


Hi, I am Alyssa, my friends and family call me Lyss, lyssa, matilda, christina, I have many nicknames. I am a nurse and love to take care of people. I also really enjoy writing and so far, this has been a very fun way to get my little hunch for journalism in. Starting this blog has me very excited to continue documenting our fun life and I love that I will always have somewhere to keep our memories. I absolutely adore traveling and have recently been doing it, much more than I had ever imagined.

I LOVE hiking and exploring. New places and foods and people excite me, and I am entirely grateful for all that I have experienced so far. I have a strong love for adventure, that I hope to instill in Jax as he grows. I have crossed many things off of my bucket list already and have many, many more to go.

Thanks for following our journey, I hope to continue sharing all the new things we learn and experience!




My name is Skylar, I 110% of the time am known by Sky. To be honest, when I imagined my future, traveling and adventure wasn’t something I included. I grew up frequently going to Disneyland, which I loved, but I never had the desire to see much beyond that.

I have quickly learned that some of the most special experiences in life are “unplanned” and “in the moment”. I have developed a love for traveling that I didn’t know I had and now I have been skydiving over a national park, snorkeling in several oceans, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, have been on several road trips, have a freaking passport and have been to China and Thailand! I have had a sting ray barb go through my foot and have been stung by a jellyfish, yet still have such a strong LOVE for our oceans! My biggest travel related goal right now is to see Japan.

I am currently working on going through the police academy, I plan to pursue a degree in Psychology, and become a detective. I love cars, sports and hiking! Baseball was and still is a hobby of mine, but I have a newfound love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and have been practicing for several months now and have even competed!

I love knowing that I have somewhere like this to look back on all of our family’s fun.

P.S. I am also a massive star wars nerd so,

May the force be with you,



Hello, my name is Jaxton, most people call me Jax. I just turned two years old and like my mom and dad, I too, love adventures! I spend most of my day playing with my mom and dad, racing my cars and going outside.

I have traveled to several states and even out of the country! My longest flight ever was 16 hours straight and my parents let me sit in their lap (they are craaaazy). They may not realize it yet, but I think they will be happy now that I have to have my own airplane seat. My favorite place to visit is Hawaii, because it is always warm enough to play outside. We are hopeful to have some fun adventures in new places this year though! Right now my mom and dad are teaching me sign language and soon, I will start swimming lessons and I am so excited!

Now, since I love cars the very most, my mom and dad help me collect license plates from everywhere we visit and hang them on the wall in my room, my parents are convinced I am going to be a race car driver. I will have to post a picture of these so that everyone can see how cool my collection is!

I am so excited to show you all of our fun adventures as I grow up!