Tips for a Rookie Traveler.

I am not the most experienced traveler, nor is this my expertise, but I do believe I can offer some advice on what I have experienced so far!

To start, I’d like to point out:


If I had a nickel for every time somebody told me they couldn’t afford to travel, I’d be able to pay for their trips. And this isn’t including all the nickels I’d get for also being told it’s impossible with children!

Guys, I once thought that the closest I’d come to “out of the country” was jumping in the Pacific Ocean. I get it, money doesn’t exactly grow on trees and especially not for vacationing adults that have bills to pay. However, I have some tips that maybe not everybody knows and I’d love to share! Be aware that I am from Utah and some things are specific to my area.

I will begin with accounts/apps I follow, because I check these constantly and they’ve helped a ton! On Instagram, I do follow a few accounts based in Utah that post all of the current major flight deals and I ADORE them. For example, one of my personal favorites is @flightsfromhome. They post deals every day and do giveaways! They make life easy if you’re just kind of browsing and keeping an eye out for something you’re interested in. This is where you can get an idea of a decent sale and then put a bit of money away to book the next one! Now, when I’m getting a little more detailed or want exact prices for flights (because maybe it’s been a day or two since the posted deal) I do use google flights, but more frequently check my Skyscanner app. You can literally put in anywhere and everywhere from whatever airport you fancy and it’ll bring up all of the current and cheapest prices for the next 6 months. I also occasionally use Hopper to “watch” flights, which I like because you put in the flight you’re looking for and it’ll notify you with any raising or lowering of the cost! I don’t use anything specific for hotels besides casual browsing, but I have used Airbnb for my last few getaways and loved it, so I now have and use that app as well. The last app I’d like to mention is Groupon, which I plan to do a very detailed post about my trip that I bought there, but know that they do have all inclusive trips for good prices!!

I have found that the best way to use these apps, is to be as flexible as possible. Be patient for flight deals, because they do exist! Be willing to have layovers and overnight flights. Check frequently and do your research so that you know you’re getting the best deal. This may not be my greatest advice, but if you just book the flight, you kind of set yourself up for success, because now you have to go! I’d like to say I’m kidding, but if a flight booked motivates you, like it does me, then book it!

As for Airbnb’s/hotels, the only thing I do is check frequently. I usually have an Airbnb booked at least a month in advance, but if you’re able, give yourself some time, put some in the “favorites” section and be picky. Personally, I prefer a place with a full kitchen so that I can save some money on food and I do enjoy free parking. I also, obviously, go through reviews and the amenities offered. Another recommendation, if you’re able, travel with a group and split the nightly cost of wherever you’re staying, this can save money as well.

I have yet to figure out car rentals, but being 22 doesn’t help that cost anyways. I guess you could walk haha.

Traveling with kiddos is a whole different topic of conversation I’ll have to write about in another post, but while we’re talking money, just go while they are little!! The younger they are, the easier they will be to travel with and they’re free under 2!!!! Don’t fall for the, “they won’t remember” BS, yeah. Duh. But traveling instills a sense of adventure you can’t find at the park. Teach your kids phrases in a new language and have them try new foods. Expose their little vulnerable selfs to all things unfamiliar and the more comfortable they will be out in our big, busy world! I am not trying to go on a child travel lecture, I just want every parent to know, TRAVELING WITH CHILDREN IS POSSIBLE, ALLOWED AND FUUUUN!!!!

I’m obviously passionate about my child seeing the world, but my all time greatest advice for somebody wishing to travel more: make it a priority. The more focus and importance you put on your goals, the more you’re going to make them happen. The way I see it is, if you’re not doing the things that make you happiest, then what the hell are you doing it for?




This is my first official post, so if you have any tips for me (because I’m learning) or would just like to share your experience/secrets, or have anything you’d like me to write about please share!!!



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