Thank you for coming to check out our page, I hope you enjoy our stories, because in my head, they are really awesome. I have started Dear Alyssa, as a way to reflect and journal on some things we really love (parenting, traveling, sometimes working… lol). I love writing and I think my mile long Instagram posts are getting out of hand, so I obviously need a better platform, hence the blog. I struggled thinking of a name, but figured since this is more for myself, I would just write to ‘me’.

Anyways, a little about our family; my name is Alyssa, Sky is my fiance, and Jax is our cute little son. We enjoy long walks on any beach (literally) and sleeping. Some more adventurous things we partake in are, exploring our beautiful planet and spending a lot of money (more so me). I hope I can write about some good information, spark a fun idea or simply make you smile.

Worst case, you fall asleep reading these posts and thank me anyways, because you needed it. You’re welcome in advance.